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How it Works

Process Improvement, Waste Diversion and Corporate Responsibility In One Innovative Program

What It Is

  • Pigmalion Environmental has developed the first Canadian full-service absorbent cleaning program that helps contain and clean-up leaks while reducing waste. ReNew helps your company achieve ISO 14001 goals for waste diversion and is an immediate corporate responsibility win.
  • To date, Pigmalion Environmental has cleaned over 200,000 lbs of absorbents and recovered over 1000 drums of oil for recycling.
  • Our reusable absorbent socks, pads, and rolls can be used over 40 times.
  • The MOE does not consider reusable absorbents waste and our process generates almost no waste.

How It Works

  • Customers rent a dedicated inventory of socks, pads, and/or rolls (customized sizes available).
  • Pigmalion Environmental provides scheduled service visits to collect used absorbents and deliver clean absorbents.
  • First we recover liquids, then clean and degrease the absorbents and re-package products for return.
  • Monthly or quarterly reports provide customers with total kilograms processed and total liquids recovered to measure your corporate responsibility success.

Service Visits

  • We supply highly visible drums with liners for the collection of used absorbents.
  • Our service representative visits on a regularly scheduled day to pick-up used absorbents and deliver clean absorbents.
  • Full drums are exchanged with clean, empty drums.

Used Absorbent Cleaning

  • Used absorbents are weighed and loaded into our closed loop, state-of-the-art high G-force mechanical oil extraction unit, combined with fourth generation industrial cleaning technology.
  • Oils and other liquids are extracted out of the absorbents and cleaned by a solvent/detergent mixture.
  • Recovered liquids are captured in drums and sent for re-refining or fuel blending.

Clean Absorbents

  • Clean absorbents are sorted, weighed, and counted and information is entered into our database for billing and waste diversion tracking purposes.
  • All our product lines can be used over 40 times.
  • Products return packaged in plastic bags.

ReNew Absorbent Lifecycle

  • Pigmalion Environmental has partnered with the textile industry to give our spent pads, socks, rolls and shop towels a home. Exhausted ReNew materials are ground into good-quality fibre for continued use in consumer products.
  • We achieve a fully closed loop recycling program at the end of the ReNew absorbent life cycle.
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